This Can Happen was launched in 2017 by three mental health champions with a passionate vision to support organisations of all sizes across the world, to empower workplace mental health

This year, I had the enormous privilege of being invited to participate in their award-winning annual conference – which, due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, had to take place online, a format which proved enormously successful! With 1,850 delegates from 30 different countries and more than 250 companies, with 139 speakers, including headline guest Joe Wicks, it was a chance to learn, share and inspire on a global scale.

Topics at the conference were wide-ranging, and it was my absolute pleasure to appear on a panel with Ben Idle (MD, Deutsche Bank), Clare-Louise Knox (business psychologist She Her Thrive) and Ben Plowden (Director, TFL) talking about our personal experiences of Mental Health and Key Stages Across a Career.

We all experience different life stages as we traverse our career, with differing impacts on our mental health, and my fellow panellists and I (expertly facilitated by journalist and podcaster Yvette Caster) explored the important question: How can employers support us during this journey?

Please click on the link below to find out more about This Can Happen and to access their free resources, including the conference ebook.