Whatever your coaching needs, I can offer a tailored package to suit you.


Unlock your management & performance potential and learn how to harness it in order to meet workplace challenges with confidence, explore your career goals – and meet them. Develop the strengths you have and a growth mindset to pursue new ones.



Examine your values, shape your vision and enhance your ability to make decisions and inspire others. Grow your capacity to meet the increased psychological challenges of high accountability levels, to establish executive presence and lead with purpose and confidence in order to achieve your ambitions for your existing company or a new business.



Reflect on and understand what your career ambitions truly are, and how they align with your core values. Explore obstacles and opportunities, and consider the steps you can take in order to achieve the future you want. Set your own agenda and make progress at your own speed, on your own terms.



Overcome perceived barriers to success in order to achieve performance at the highest level, whether in business, sport, music or the creative arts. Dig deep into your personal demons to break down mental blocks and take your confidence – and performance – to the next level.



Discover and learn to value your own inner strength – and how to channel it in order to manage challenging situations and feel more comfortable and in control of your own responses. Work through stress triggers and self-limiting beliefs to feel empowered and become fully and confidently yourself. 



Harmonise the conflicting demands on your time in order to live a more balanced life: financially, mentally, physically and emotionally. Take time to reassess your priorities, clarify what is important to you and establish a renewed sense of wellness and contentment.



I offer tailored packages for individuals and companies to suit a range of coaching needs, including:

    one-to-one coaching
    team coaching
•   short- or long-term coaching

All sessions take place at a mutually convenient venue, be that your office or mine, or at a neutral off-site location – or we can walk & talk. Please note that I am London-based.

I also offer distance coaching by phone or Skype/Zoom.