Whether you are new to coaching, or would like to refresh your understanding of what it can offer, here are a few basics pointers.

‘Why do I need a coach?’

There are as many reasons to undertake coaching as there are clients who seek it, but to give a few examples of what has brought some of my clients to coaching:

• striving for better results and/or stronger work performance
• seeking a new job, change of direction or personal/professional fulfilment
• returning to work after a career break
• facing redundancy
• aiming for promotion
• dealing with challenging situations or conflict at work
• stepping up to a leadership or senior management role
• performance/public speaking anxiety
• work/life balance and wellbeing
• setting up a new business
• boosting confidence to stretch beyond the ‘comfort zone’
• building on strengths to take existing success to the next level

‘What does a coach do?’

Coaching is a time-specific, solution-focused process with self-determined, measurable goals; its purpose is to close the gap between potential and performance. As a coach, I work transparently and congruently. No frills, no gimmicks, no magic wand. Instead, I work hard to establish an empathic coaching relationship with my clients and be fully present and engaged throughout the process.

In practice, this means: I listen empathically; I question meaningfully; I challenge appropriately and hold you respectfully to account as you work towards your goals. I will work to help you capture your own learning, become aware of negative patterns of behaviour and embrace positive strategies for growth, development and performance.

‘How many sessions will I need?’

This is determined by you and is something we can discuss when deciding on the best coaching package for you. Typically, coaching sessions last between 1 and 2 hours, often taking place fortnightly for an agreed number of sessions. 

‘Is there a governing body or ethical framework for coaching?’

I follow the strict codes of conduct set out by the International Coaching Federation. In brief, this means I’m committed to providing:

• confidentiality (within the boundaries of safety)
• a person-centred approach which is congruent, empathic and non-judgmental, free from prejudice or discrimination
• honesty and transparency, with the emphasis on clear contracting to understand your goals and set mutually agreed parameters
• a commitment to self-reflection and professional supervision in accordance with International Coaching Federation guidelines

Questions are the root of all solutions. I’m here to help:

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